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Colour Change, the pro's and con's

Changing your hair colour, the Pro’s & Cons

Many of us aspire to have the hair of the season and for some this is very achievable and for others this can be quite time consuming, expensive and damaging for your hair. If you are thinking about a colour change here are our best tips, pros and cons.


  • Having that glossy shiny feel after you have had your hair coloured
  • Enhancing your appearance – Many of us feel that we need to change our hair colour to avoid that washed out look, especially those of us with fair skin (I must admit I am one of these people)
  • Changing your colour to feel more youth-full, to suit your mood or style or to get rid of the greys!
  • Keeping up with the trends, lets face it, we see it on the red carpet we see it in magazines we want to see it in the mirror.
  • We have some really amazing products out there like smart bond so you can achieve your desired look/colour without damaging your hair too much.



  • Maintaining your colour- Most colour needs to be re done from anywhere between 2-8 weeks, especially if you on trend pastels like lilac/ silver.
  • Choosing the right stylist/ hair dresser. Many of us think they are all qualified the same or similar and that you can walk in with a picture and get your hair looking identical, all stylists have different skill sets and strengths, have an indepth consultation and listen to their advise! If it cant be done discuss other options (not every colour/technique is suitable for everyone)
  • The biggest thing we see clients disappointment with, would have to be going from dark to light quickly. Very few stylists can achieve this in one sitting and it can be extremely time consuming and expensive. The safest way and most affordable way would be to go from dark/ red/ blonde or getting a full head of highlights over 6 months to a year. Celebrities often do these drastic changes but what you don’t see if that its taken two or three days and notice they have shorter hair then before or great extensions because you cant got from coloured black to ice white blonde without some damage.

Tip: Take your time! Gradually go lighter and use hair masks and treatments as often as you can.

  • Swimming- Have you ever had highlights and your hair has got brittle/faded or turned green from chlorine? Yep it happens! As well as UV damage, be prepared to think all these things through before taking the plunge!

Don’t let the cons put you off, the best thing we recommend is to have a consultation to discuss your needs. As a salon Velvet Rooms is extremely lucky to have TWO L’Oreal colour specialists. Leanne and Emma have over 30 years experience between them and keep the team upto date with new colours and techniques. Come and talk to us if you’re thinking about a new colour.

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