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The best cut for your face shape.

We’re all different & our chosen hair style can really complement our facial features, read on to find which hair style will work for you!  When clients come into the Velvet Rooms hair salon for any service but especially when considering a new style, one of the first things we look at 

is their face-shape, followed by their hair texture and our client’s life requirements. Questioning… will this suit the client lifestyle and their facial features.

A few years ago, when Victoria Beckham went for her classic bob hair style I think every client that came into our hair salon wanted that haircut. For some clients that sharp classic hair style was achievable, but for other clients we had to adjusted the haircut to suit their hair & face shape. That is the difference between a good and a great hair stylist…at our hair salon this is just part of the client service we offer throughout your Velvet Rooms experience.

A good stylist will cut & style you a nice bob, a great stylist will make sure that the cut you want is firstly achievable and secondly will discuss the pro’s and con’s to the style specific to you and your face shape.

When you get the right haircut to suit your face shape and features it’s truly amazing!

Let’s look at what works well with certain face shapes...            


The shape that we all would love as this pretty much suits every cut!

Fine to medium hair - Think about adding soft texture with subtle layers so it complements the face and adds body.

Medium to thick hair - Think about layering around the face to show it off and doesn’t feel like “Lego” hair

Celebrity - Emma Stone


This is where the jawline is as wide as the forehead.

Fine to medium hair - Add shaping around the face to soften the jawline

Medium to thick hair - Think about a soft side fringe to break up forehead and add movement around face.

Celebrity - Cameron Diaz


Styles that don’t give you too much volume on top and anything with texture.

Fine to medium hair - Think about blunt cuts with texture added, like loose curls.

Medium to thick hair - Choppy cuts and soft fringes that take away emphasis on the crown and bring it to eye height.

Celeb - Reece Witherspoon


Styles that don’t draw attention to jawline

Fine to medium hair - Barely there layers to soften rather than layers around the face

Medium to thick hair - Nothing to short especially if curly and thick as could make face appear rounder. Keep hair straighter or big waves.

Celebrity - Ginnifer Goodwin


You want to add width so nothing too long unless it has flattering layers around face or texture

Fine to medium hair - Long blunt bob with volume and a wave around jaw length.

Medium to thick hair - Nothing too long unless curled or waved to add width. Otherwise shorter with layers to soften.

Celebrity - Keira knightly


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