Bad weather, doesn’t mean bad hair! 

With our best 6 Winter hair tips.    

Dry Scalps. 

If your scalp is prone to being dry & flaky its needs extra moisture, easily obtained by using a PH balanced or moisturising shampoo, this will moisturise your scalp & keep it in good condition.

To prevent your scalp from flaking, we recommend you exfoliate your scalp by using an oil and gently massaging over the scalp for several minuets & then brushing through your hair, this ensures your scalp stays healthy and prevents dry skin building up.

For even better results we recommend you leave the oil in overnight for an extra scalp treat!

Beating Static 

Always try and use a nourishing hair oil that can soak into both wet or dry hair 

Rubbing a tumble drier sheet onto static hair it will instantly reduce static especially after wearing hats and scarfs, Lifesaver and makes your hair smell nice!

Another way to get rid of static is add hairspray to your brush, this prevents static as you brush each section of your hair, even better if you use a vent brush with plastic or natural bristles.

Hair is easily damaged by friction and wind. When hair gets tucked within your coat, it causes friction, static, and the hair gets damage resulting in split ends.

Give your hair a break by wearing it in a nice up do (like braids or a bun) this means it won’t get damaged in the wind.

Our other favourite tip is…treat yourself to a silk or satin pillow case….these are much kinder to hair any time of year, but especially during cold months when there is enough friction and static around! 

Good all-round Practice

Eat and drink well. If you are prone to colds and flu this affects your hair too. Eat food rich in vitamins and drink plenty of water.

Before going out make sure you dry your hair off completely. Going out with damp hair means the cuticles are slightly open, this can mean the hair is prone to being affected by free radicals (pollution, extreme heat or cold, wind etc) this dries hair out and will damage it. So make sure you blow-dry fully & always use a heat protector.

Beat temperature change

As it gets colder outside we turn the heating up inside, this creates extreme temperature change & this affects our skin & hair, so we need to Moisturise!

Don’t wash your hair in high temperatures as this strips your hair of it’s natural oil & can leave you with frizzy hair.

Don’t over wash hair, if it doesn’t need washing, don’t wash it!  No need to unnecessary strip your hair of its natural oils.

Quick tip: If your skin is feeling dry & crying out for extra moisture so will your hair!

Treat your hair

Using a hair mask once a week will keep your hair nourished & completely moisturised, counteracting the familiar dry brittle winter hair we know.

Alternately, shampoo your hair like normal then replace your conditioner with a nourishing hair mask, packed with great ingredients. leave it on for a few minutes to achieve the best silky results.

My go to products for this time of year

Mythic Oil, the whole range, shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil, it’s all amazing, I swear by it! The range also available for different hair types, so there really is something for everyone.

A natural coconut oil for massaging into my scalp,

Ikoo paddle brush with x vent 

Urban moisture mask and spray,

And finally, Label M protein spray, you try it, you’ll love it, I promise!




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