Introducing Ikoo Brushes

Attention all product Geeks! 

You have to see this amazing new brush range for yourself.

Available in a wide array of colours, finishes and styles the Ikoo range is designed to untangle, promote wellness and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM)

The “home” brushes have a chessboard bristle panel designed by TCM doctors. Its structure of 4 long and 4 short bristles arranged together, provides painless detangling of the hair, whatever the hair type.

The new nurturing effect harmonises and massages the scalp for a daily spa experience. The focus lies in the stimulation of energy meridians. Massaging the scalp through the concave shape, ensuring detangling is pain free.

Through daily use of the Ikoo brush, relaxation and well-being is increased and can lead to the improvement of health conditions such as stress, strain and discomfort. These are reduced and treated.

The “pocket” brush is practical and comes in handy with a cap to ensure bristles are protected from dust and dirt. They are slightly smaller but just as powerful!

The Paddle brush –The X shaped ventilation system in the middle of the brush is specially designed for optimum air circulation. During the blowdrying process, as moisture escapes, harmful heat isn’t built up . The significantly enlarged bristle panel supports you in bringing the optimum volume in your hair but also brings a natural shine and silky smooth texture to your hair.

The paddle brush works in partner with smoothing products and instantly smoothes, de-frizzes and tangles with use of a hairdryer.

All ikoo brushes are suitable for vegans and are made from natural materials.

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