Key bridal trends for 2017 brides

Getting married this year?

Then looking at the bridal designers on the catwalk for 2017 these are the top three trends for you!

The Low chignon, can be worn smooth and sleek or loose and dishevelled

Plaits and braids, halo braids look lovely and romantic with soft loose curls coming down

Pony tails Posh pony’s with rope braids or decoration.

The hair should compliment the whole look not over take it, your bridal specialist will talk through what is best for you and your hair and what look would work. The perfect look for any bride is to keep it easy to wear, soft, romantic & carefree. 

The perfect look for any bride is to keep it easy to wear, soft, romantic & carefree. 

The classic look

The half up half down look is always popular, but remember if you are having an outside wedding, on a windy day it may not work. 

Get the height

Height, whether its in the crown or at the front, creating volume will change the look and also be a great anchor for any accessories or veils. 


Quick Top tips for brides

Have a consultation before the trial date. This gives you the opportunity to meet the stylist and get a feel for some styles, they can also set you homework. I ask my brides to show me styles they like and dislike and why. This gives me time to prepare some ideas for the trial so we can make the most of the time.

Go to the trial with clean hair. It’s a myth hair goes better the next day, there are so many great products to prepare the hair with so its not fly away etc, and you don’t want to get half way through the day and have greasy roots. Its also good for the stylist to see what your hair is like when its been freshly washed.

We do love pinterest and pictures. Bring pictures along, they are great for helping us see the looks that you want. But bear in mind that some of those maybe difficult as you have different hair…it may need extensions or wigs to create that look.

Why grow your hair for one day? Lots of brides that have always had shorter hair suddenly grow their hair for the 18months coming up to the wedding….just to chop it off straight after honeymoon. You need to feel like you on the big day, and you want your partner to recognise you walking down the aisle. So don’t go for something that’s drastically different from your normal style.

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