Secret WEAPONS of a hair stylist.

You may have recently seen our stylists top tips for your hair, read below for a full re-cap and a few extra secrets that will really make a difference!

No 1. For super straight hair first time round, section the hair with clips and always use

a comb before placing the straighteners slowly through each section reducing kinks and the

need to go over again.

No 2. Always shampoo your hair twice! The first time will loosen oil, dirt and styling products, the second time it is removed. Use the tips of your fingers to lather up the shampoo and massage through the whole scalp. Rinse your hair for twice the amount of time as lathering to remove all product residue.

No 3. When putting your hair up, the best way to use hair grips is to turn the wavy side downwards towards your head, this gives a much better grip. You can also spray the grips with dry shampoo or hairspray to make sure they really stay in place all day!

No 4. A great way to add volume to your hair quickly without a blow dry is to straighten the piece of hair to add heat and then pop a roller in, leave to cool and once removed you have added texture and volume.

No 5. To create hair with volume with a blow dry, use a volume spray and blowdry the hair using your fingers pushing upwards and blast the heat directly at the roots.

No 6. Rubbing hair dry with a towel is one of the most damaging things, instead squeeze and blot! 

No 7. Just as you select your moisturiser to suit your skin type, you should select the right kinds of styling products for your hair to look its best. Ask your stylist for advice for your hair type.

No 8. Dry shampoo is a great way to add texture to fine hair, use it on freshly washed hair to add volume and also extra grip if putting your hair up. Don’t spray directly onto partings, always spray in sections.

No 9. Dry split ends make hair look dull and lifeless and having them trimmed off is the fast way to getting hair in good condition. 

No 10. Book a conditioning treatment when having your colour done to help prevent damage and dry hair. L’Oreal Smartbond is a great new product that can be added to your colour to condition from the middle of the hair outwards, a home care conditioner can also be added for extra shine and strength.


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