Colour changes are this year's key trend….

Going from dark too light, are you brave enough?

As Spring arrives and Summer promises not to be far behind we are already seeing fresh new hair trends, Major colour changes from dark to light seem to be a key look this Spring Summer.

With this is mind let us guide you through what you should expect if this new trend is on your agenda.

Going from dark to light is very dramatic and quite exhilarating however be warned it is going to take time and come at a premium. To get the right results and maintain your hairs condition you really need to pay a professional. It’s a process and no one can guarantee an exact result until the process starts, so it is well worth spending the time to ensure you have the right person for the job.

Surprisingly there is a lot more to “just colouring your hair” and excellent colourist’s are few and far between but they are out there.

L’Oréal Colour specialist are at the top of their game and I would certainly recommend sourcing a salon with a L’Oréal Colour specialist at the helm.

Fortunately here at the Velvet Rooms we have not just one Colour specialist but TWO, amazing we know!

 As the client wanting a colour change you must understand that the main focus should be your hair, a good colourist will not recommend a dramatic colour change if it is going to compromise your hairs condition. It won’t be worth the money or the time spent & both parties will be disappointed with the result.

You need time on your side, expect to have a few salon sessions before you achieve your desired new colour.

Another key point to ensure is that your chosen salon uses a bonding agent such as L’Oréal Smartbond, this is an amazing technical product that has been designed to maintain your hairs condition while being able to push the normal boundaries of colouring, shinier, stronger, softer and healthier hair, they really are key to ensuring the final look is perfect.

However, this specialized product does come at a cost but the benefits completely out weight the price tag.

Quick fact it will also help with colour fade and grey coverage, what’s not to love?

So in short our key advice is….

  • Managed your own expectations
  • Source a great salon with an experienced colour team, like us!
  • You need time, your desired look is not going to happen over night
  • Be prepared for the cost 
  • Ensure you request a bonding agent. 

Go for it, enjoy your new look!

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