You may have seen from our recent social media posts that we have re-introduced Loreal Smartbond to the salon!

With a brand new set of training for the team and a new range of ways to use the product we can’t wait to show you why we love it so much!

Smartbond is a bonding product used to strengthen hair from the inside out, making the hair feel more complete and softer to the touch-perfect for coloured hair. It also helps to stop fade and colour is more even.

Not just for coloured hair, smartbond will help hair look healthier and revitalised with visibly more shine. It rebuilds the bonds and builds up the amino acids just like a hair polyfiller! It won’t affect chemicals in the hair and will help stop damage from daily pollution.

Smartbond is not instant and although you will notice a more visible shine to the hair straight away, the more it is used, the more you will notice the difference over time such as strength and less breakage.

It is perfectly formulated  to work with our Loreal Professional colours making it work better for your hair and only adding an extra ten-15 minutes to your appointment time!

Why not ask your stylist more about this service at your next appointment or call 01276855355 to book in!

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