Early sunsets & Messy hair!

As autumn is the season of change, VR are excited to look at the new colour trends coming in for the following months.

Rich, shiny colours with warmth and gloss are the favourite way to go for autumn and winter. Deeper brown base colours with either red or caramel highlights are the perfect combination for anyone wanting a slight change for the new season.

Terracotta and rich auburn colours with multi dimensional rich hues are gorgeous at this time of year. Cinnamon, copper and red strands are both muted and beautiful.

Changing to the cooler months doesn’t always mean opting for darker hair colours. If you are already very blonde, a lovely way to add warmth and shine is to add a dusty rose pink to your hair or to go for a warmer strawberry blonde.  Alternatively, choosing an ash tone will give that subtle change.

If you fancy more of a bolder colour, “gombre”, a grey ombre is very fashionable and on trend. This look can also be changed up with a dash of denim blue or smoky lilac.

The autumn and winter months are also a great time to try the colour trends such as “watermelon” hair – generally crazy colour will last longer in the cooler weather due to hair not being exposed to the sun as frequently. Vivid greens and sweet pinks create this look and will brighten up those darker days!

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