Leanne & Emma compete for the L'Oreal Colour trophy

As 2014 marks the competition’s 59th year, the L’Oréal Colour Trophy has been the benchmark of British hairdressing.


Setting a high standard throughout the industry over the years, the competition continues to influence, showcase and inspire. Leanne and Emma are taking part this year, both using models known to the Velvet Rooms and both creating very original looks.

The first stage is to send a photo of the created look to L'Oreal to be judge, this is done by regions. The next stage is the regional finals where only 4 out of 30 get picked to go through to the grand final.

Please keep your fingers crossed!

We will post the pictures and keep you updated with how we get on.



The rules

  • The colour work should reflect the professional difference showing off the expertise and ability of the colourist to create a bespoke look.
  • The hair must be in optimal condition and even if the model’s total look is amazing, if the hair is in bad condition the model will not be considered as a Regional or Grand Finalist.
  • A cut, if featured, must show exceptional technical skill.
  • The finish on the hair has to be outstanding and must not be overloaded with product.
  • Contestants must demonstrate they understand the Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 catwalk trends – one example is that the clothing should be Autumn/Winter inspired.
  • Models don’t have to be professional but they have to be confident, self-assured, own their look and walk convincingly down the catwalk (particularly if they get through to the Regional or Grand Final as they will be catwalked in front of the judges). They also need to be judged to be photogenic as they may feature on the front cover of the professional press.
  • The hair must suit the model’s face and bone structure.
  • Make-up should complement and enhance the overall look, not detract from it.

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