Self Isolation Hair Care Part 2

Self isolation is already getting to some of you who are desperate to turn to DIY hair colours but please carry on reading for some updates on why you should wait!


1/ Stay away from the box dye!

Ladies contrary to what you may have seen on the 'One show' or 'This Morning' please don’t use a box dye and colour your hair from home. You will have no control of the outcome and you will get an unpredicted result.

There is so much science behind what we do and we have spent thousands of pounds and a lot of time on educating ourselves and finding out what is best for you, our client. Most home colours contain metallic salts which can react very badly with bleach and the products we use in our salon.

A simple £5 box colour will not tell you or take into account your;

  • Natural percentage of grey.
  • The porosity of your hair.
  • Your natural base.
  • How many levels of lift are required.
  • What your undertone is.
  • How to neutralise unwanted tones.
  • How resistant your hair is.
  • How to fill your hair before going from blonde to dark.
  • They don’t know that tint doesn’t lift tint.
  • How to stop your hair from going orange or yellow or even khaki.
  • And finally overlapping or pulling darker tones onto the ends will go black!

You will be setting your hair goals back by 6-12 months by using a ‘quick cheap box colour’ and will have to spend hundreds of £££’s on a colour correction. So we urge you to save your money for something else and you will thank us later!

Instead we encourage you to experiment with your parting by moving it to another side or even doing a ziz-zag parting. Wear a hat or scarf if it’s really bugging you. Remember we are in a pandemic and no one is looking at your roots judging you (we promise!) Learn to embrace your natural tones and who knows you might even end up liking it! When we are back up and running we will not be judging you as all of us here at VR will have roots just like you! 

There are other temporary hacks you can use at this time such as using dry shampoo (this is is available in both blonde and brunette shades) eyeshadow or root touch up sprays can be found online.


2/ Your fringe.

Try not to cut your fringe too much during this period, if it’s getting too long and annoying why don’t you try twisting it across to the side and pin in place. Some other ideas are slightly backcomb the roots then brush back or to the side into a quiff. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous put a cute little plait in then pin in place. To give your fringe some extra lift why don’t you try putting a roller in once you’ve blow-dried or straightened it and then let it cool and set. Have a look on our instagram or facebook page for a tutorial of some of these ideas.




3/ Over washing your hair.

Use this time wisely and try to stop washing your hair daily. The ideal time between hair washes is between 2-4 days. The natural oils in your hair help preserve the scalp and keep your hair naturally moisturised and the more you wash your hair the more you strip away these natural oils. Now I know you’re thinking are you crazy I have to wash my hair everyday especially as I’m exercising more?! Well dry shampoo will quickly become your best friend as this will help suck up some of that greasiness. Remember after a workout to un-tie your hair and let it dry off naturally or even blow-dry the little bit of sweat in then use your dry shampoo. Never tie your hair up then let it dry as this can cause breakage! Another fantastic product is texture volume spray by Labem M. If you’re not a fan of dry shampoo this is your life saver. Spray a little bit into your roots and you will instantly feel like your hair isn’t stuck to your scalp, you’ll notice you can get more height and body into your hair and it smells fab too!

Top tip when washing your hair...always shampoo twice! As salon owner Leanne would say “One for grime, two for shine!”


4/ Heated Tools.

As we aren’t going out anymore why not lay off the straighteners! We guarantee you will instantly notice that your hair will feel and look healthier and your hair will thank you for it too! Instead why don’t you add some oil into your hair and put some plaits or twists in to let your hair dry naturally. Oil will help lubricate the outer cuticle and strengthen the inner cortex by providing moisture to help keep the bonds stronger. Most oils also contain heat and UV protection so its perfect for the current sunny weather we’re having especially if you're lucky enough to have your own garden or balcony and using the time to sit outside. We recommend Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Professional or Essence Absolue by Shu Uemura. If you’re not a fan of oils why not try the essence absolue all in milk spray, it still has the same wonderful benefits and contains camellia oil and is light weight, suitable for all hair types.


5/ Overnight mask.

We've all got a lot more time on our hands now, so a weekly or fortnightly hair mask treatment will do wonders for your hair. Alternatively, why not try Essence Absolue overnight serum. This product is amazing and will make your hair feel soft and shiny, nourished and helps tame frizzy dry hair. Designer Koralie here at VR highly recommends this and has sworn by it ever since she started using it. You apply a 50p size amount (or bit more if you have thick hair) onto the midlengths and ends before bed and let it do its job overnight. What’s great is it’s so lightweight it doesn’t leave a greasy residue and you can still apply it the next evening!




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