Hairstyles for square shaped faces

Have you got a square shaped face and always wondered what would suit you but never been brave enough to try anything just in case?

Designer Koralie talks us through 5 different hairstyles which will help give you some inspiration for your next cut!

As hairdressers we appreciate this is one of the most notoriously difficult face shapes to find a flattering hairstyle. Someone with a square face shape is characterised by a strong, broad jawline with an obvious square shape in its appearance and similar widths of your forehead and jaw.

1/ The ‘Lob’

The lob or long bob is one of the most popular choices for women and when styled in softer waves, reduces the sharpness of the jawline while still slimming down the face and showing off defining bone structure. The lob can be tailored to your preference, you could have a sharper cut to the hair to highlight the angles or a slight curve inward at the bottom of the hair, which flatters the face and may draw more attention to the eyes.

2/ Fringes (bangs)

If cut correctly they can lessen the appearance of width and soften the angles of your jawline. A fringe sculpted to the side has been popular with celebs like Lea Michele but you can also experiment with a chunky, choppier fringe at the front of the face like Olivia Wilde and Nicole Richie.

3/ Pixi Cut

Its not for everyone and can be high maintenance but this daring look can be amazing on square faced women. Charlize Theron rocks her sharp defined hairstyle, it's still chic and modern and makes a great frame for the face. This style is for you if you want to show off the sharp lines and contours of your jaw and face, rather than soften them.

4/ Side Parting

Although you can carry off any parting, a side parting can be particularly flattering for your face. Asymmetry is great for softening the jawline, consider pairing it with a more
textured, layered hairstyle as it can help achieve a more feminine look.

5/ Long Waves

If you're in love with your long hair never fear! Make it work by creating loose and easy beach waves to push away from your face. Hair cut close to the face can
make it appear heavier than it is!

For more inspiration have a look at square-faced celebrities including Keira Knightley, Ginnifer Goodwin and Oliva Wilde.

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