New colour trend alert!

Twilighting is the latest colour trend that everyone is talking about!

It's inspired by the golden hues swirled through the sky at sunset – not Robert Pattinson ;) 

Twilighting relies on a mix of balayage (highlights directly painted on your hair) and babylights (super-fine, subtle highlights using foil) to create a natural, dimensional look.

It's perfect for those with darker hair who want to try something new and trendy but not too drastic, it’ll give brunette hair warm undertones, meaning the colour is reflecting golden hues.

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If you're thinking this is literally just brown hair with golden highlights, well, you wouldn't be wrong. That's basically what it is. But it's also very pretty and a low-maintenance way to warm up brown hair that works from season to season.  We recommend this shade for anyone who want to keep some brightness around their face but still have a multidimensional look.

The key to making the highlights look natural instead of chunky is the mix of highlighting and balayaging techniques used. The placement of each serves a specific purpose. Unlike a foil where the highlights are concentrated evenly from roots to ends, twilighting marries the two techniques to produce a result that’s natural but bold. It grows out seamlessly, but a touch-up every 12 to 16 weeks is necessary so it doesn’t grow into an outdated ombré.

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