New Hair Resolutions

Do your New Year's resolutions generally fizz out by February?

We've gone ahead and found some resolutions you can stick to and that leave you with healthier hair!

1. "I will stop hoarding unused and cheap products"

Throw out any products you are no longer going to use and that are of no benefit to your hair! Clear up space in your cupboards and around the bath tub and invest in salon trusted products that will bring life to your hair. Not sure on what products are what? Have a chat with your stylist next time your are in the salon who can advise you on what you should be using for you hair type and how much you should be using of each.

2. "I will treat my hair"

Keep your hair in tip top condition by using a weekly treatment at home or deeply nourish with an in-salon service at your next appointment. 

3. "I will keep my bobby pins together in one place"

Take a little journey around your house, car, bag, work desk and put all hair grips in one communal pot! (As you do not need to buy that new pack of 100 we promise)

4. "I will pre-book my hair appointment"

No matter how many treatments you use, they will not cure your damaged ends. Pre-book your hair appointments each time you visit the salon to save further split ends, major grown out colour or even just missing a slot with your fave stylist!

5. " I will use heat protector every time I style my hair"

Keep a bottle stored with your hair dryer and styling tools and you will never forget again! Heat protection sprays are a must if you are a fan of blowdrying, curling and straightening your hair. Be kind to your hair this year and make sure to use every. single. time!

6. "I will try something new"

Keep your hair looking fresh and try following the seasons with your hair colour. It doesn't have to be a drastic change but a slightly richer colour or a few baby lights can really make a difference and refresh your whole style.

Let us know how you get on and if you'll be giving our new hair resolutions a go!


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