Party Season Hair Plan

Holiday party season is in full swing and this is the time of the year where you are likely to be styling your hair many times!

If you are using heat to style your hair, you should really be taking the necessary precautions to protect your hair and prevent going into the New Year with frazzled and damaged locks! Here are a few steps we recommend to help with your healthier hair plan.

1. In-salon or at home care treatments.

Deep conditioning is crucial this season as you want to restore any moisture loss from heat styling tools, mixed with the crisp Winter air. You still have time to book in for one of our hair treatments either before Christmas or before the New Year. Alternatively, in-between holiday plans, pop a mask on your hair at home over night and wrap in a towel for an extra deep condition and simply wash off in the morning!

2. Replace and clean styling tools & brushes

Black Friday has been and gone and you may have been lucky enough to pick up some new hair styling tools (or maybe they are on your Christmas list!)

But if not, the sales are sure to bring some fab promotions so you can treat yourself to some new tools and replace any broken ones. Chipped plates on styling irons or broken combs and dirty brushes can all cause damage to your hair.

3. Get a hair cut!

Split and dry ends will ruin the overall look of your hairstyle. Book your last minute appointment now or schedule in for the New Year to stop the breakage from getting any worse! Always protect your hair with a serum or oil to lock in moisture and add shine.

4. Remember to always use a heat protector before styling your hair. We also suggest reducing the number of times you use your heated styling tools. When you have parties and plans throughout the week, try curling your hair one night and then styling your hair up the next, as then it won’t require you using heated styling tools every day and gives your hair a break. We are also a big fan of dry shampoo!

Wishing you all happy hair and happy holidays!!



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