Easter Hair

Spring hair ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth this Easter...

Dark Chocolate

A delicious blend of chocolate tones from dark to light. Deep and glossy brunette at the roots, with soft, light brunette at the ends. Extra babylights can be added around the face and under the parting to create a natural look. We can tone the ends of the hair to your desired result, whether that be rich and glossy or cool and creamy. Multi-tonal shades help create a gorgeous glow to any skin tone!



Lightening up the ends of your hair will get you ready for the sun, using either your natural colour for your base or an all over tint. Opting for your natural colour will leave you with less maintenance overall. The ends of your hair will be lightened with a freehand balayage technique, only adding to the areas you want to be brighter. Warm, golden caramel or toffee toners can be used after lightening to give you that natural sun kissed look.

Mini Eggs

Pastels are perfect for Easter and spring. To achieve this extra sweet look, the lighter your hair, the better!  The hair will have to be lifted to a very light level before being able to colour with your chosen pastel hue. This may take a couple of appointments but once you have the lighter base, you can then play around with different looks including beautiful purples and pinks!


White Chocolate

Going lighter this Spring? Opt for extra fine highlights in creamy blonde, butterscotch and vanilla tones. More highlights added around the hairline will make your blonde look extra bright, and don’t forget your silver shampoo to maintain your fresh new look!


Do you want to change up your colour this Spring? We are offering you £10 off your colour service when booked with stylist Mollie. To take up the offer, quote “CHOCOLATE10” when booking.

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