How to make your blowdry last!

Senior stylist Koralie gives us her top tips for getting the most out of your blowdry and how to make it last...


  • Shampoo your hair twice! When in the salon, we always wash your hair twice so we recommend to continue this at home. The first wash will remove any grease, dirt and product use. The second shampoo is your cleaning shampoo which will clean your scalp as well as your hair!
  • Don’t overdo your conditioner- Remember you only need a thumbnail amount on the mid-lengths and ends, and make sure you spend a bit longer rinsing it all out!
  • Use the cool button- Your hairdryer should have a cool button, once you’ve finished your blowdry give it a quick blast with cool air to seal off the cuticle and set it in place.
  • Buy a silk or satin pillowcase- Silky pillowcases help to prevent breakage and also stops rubbing whilst you sleep, preventing you to lose your style. Tying your hair up with an Invisibobble or scrunchie too helps and doesn’t cause indentations.
  • Dry shampoo before bed- this will absorb the oils during your sleep but also help give it some volume!
  • To create the much desired volume when your blow-drying make sure you use products to help give you some lift but remember they aren’t magic you will have to blowdry your roots too. The easiest way is to tip your head upside down, use the medium heat on your hair dryer and slowly lift the roots with your fingertips. Make sure your pulling as much as you giving the roots slight movement, this will keep them straighter as well as giving you lift. Keep pulling each section until your hair is 80% dry. You then need to just smooth off the rest of your hair.
  • Avoid touching! Try not to touch and play with your hair. Too much touching will cause frizz as well as stimulating the scalp causing grease and making your style flat.
  • Spritz!! Use hairspray to finish your style, even if its only a little bit to hold.


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