Hair Hacks - Stop Static

How do you stop static hair?


Static hair is a common problem when the air has become dry, which causes a negative form of electricity. The hair becomes positively charged and strands deflect each other causing your hair to become static and flyaway.

But not to worry, we have some top tips to help...

  • Tumble dryer sheets – gently run a sheet over your hair or use it on your hairbrush to smooth the hair. Keep a few in your handbag for when you are on the go!


  • Combs - Step away from plastic combs and use ones made from metal or wood. Wide tooth combs are also a great option as the spaced-out teeth reduce friction-induced static.


  • Hairspray – spray some on your hairbrush before gently brushing or spray all over and use the can to run down your hair.


  • When drying your hair, use a cotton t-shirt as it’s less abrasive & will absorb excess water without taking away most of the moisture like a towel would.


  • Moisturiser-If you are really stuck and have nothing else handy, you can use a tiny bit of moisturiser on the ends of your hair to diffuse the static hairs. But be careful, too much will cause your hair to become limp and greasy!


  • Prep- Finally, use a hydrating shampoo + conditioner especially ones free from parabens + silicones. At Velvet Rooms 4 Hair, we stock L’Oréal Pro Source Essentielle, Shu Uemura urban moisture, L’Oréal pro Mythic Oil or Label M lemongrass which are all great for adding moisture back into your hair!


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