Why we recommend professional hair care

Here at the Velvet Rooms, we are a 5-star salon, and we look after your hair with the best products on the market. We care about your hair, and we want it to be in the best condition possible, and to us, this means using the products we recommend for you.

We understand that once you’ve paid for your colour and cut the last thing you want to do is spend even more money on products that have similar alternatives available for a quarter of the price. But listen up! If you take our advice, you will save money in the long term!

Most supermarket bought shampoos and conditioners have sulphates in them which dry the hair out and fade the colour. The reason why shop bought products can feel super smooth after you have washed your hair, is because they contain plastics that coat your hair, but these will eventually leave it brittle, dry, and damaged.

Your stylist will know exactly what product to recommend to you. For example, if your hair is particularly damaged from over processing or colouring, a strengthening and repair product would be great. You need to keep in mind that it will contain protein, so it will not leave your hair silky smooth like cheaper products will. However, if you continue to use it, it will repair your hair and then once this product has done its job your stylist will move you onto another one suited for your hair type or desired colour.

The best part about salon-grade products, and this includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, and serums, is that the ingredients tend to be gentler with fewer fillers, sulphates, and build-ups which create wax and can damage your hair. You also need to use far less of the product as the ingredients have not been watered down and no nasty fillers have been added.

If you take your stylists advise, I can guarantee you will see a change in your hair. It may take a little time, but it will be healthier and will have fewer breakages, it’ll be shinier, and any colour you have in the salon will have a much better outcome on your hair.

We will always recommend three products for you after your service, and as a special gift, we offer you 10% off any purchase. Treat yourself to fabulous hair all year round; you deserve it!

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