Freshen up your bob!

Whether you have had a bob for a while or you have recently opted for a shorter style, we have a few ways of making the classic bob feel a little less boring in super simple ways!

The undone blunt bob

You can add texture to your hair by loosely waving your hair with a straightener or wand and brushing it out with a side parting and some serum. The secret with a straightening iron, is to make sure it's facing down to the floor rather than horizontally. Alternate the direction you're twisting hair with the straighteners on each piece, so that the texture looks more 'lived-in' and natural.

The smooth bob

Blow dry your bob in a side parting using a smoothing serum. Once dry, use your straighteners to get your style extra smooth and frizz-free.  Finish by tucking one side behind the ear and hold in place with hairspray. 

The slicked back bob

Blow dry your hair upwards at the roots and crown of your head using a round brush. Make sure to dry the rest of your hair smooth and slightly tucked under. Secure and smooth the style with a strong hold hairspray to hold the volume on top and stop any flyaways.

The Layered Bob

If you have a bob with layers, style it by sectioning off the top part of your hair where the layers sit. Add some curls through to add a soft wave and texture. Using a texturising spray will also help give it a messier look.


 The Fringed Bob

This look can either be soft and textured or blunt and edgy, but either way adding a fringe gives your bob a whole new look. Once your fringe starts to grow out you can sweep to the side or part in the middle so the style is very versatile. 


Easter Hair

Spring hair ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth this Easter...

Dark Chocolate

A delicious blend of chocolate tones from dark to light. Deep and glossy brunette at the roots, with soft, light brunette at the ends. Extra babylights can be added around the face and under the parting to create a natural look. We can tone the ends of the hair to your desired result, whether that be rich and glossy or cool and creamy. Multi-tonal shades help create a gorgeous glow to any skin tone!



Lightening up the ends of your hair will get you ready for the sun, using either your natural colour for your base or an all over tint. Opting for your natural colour will leave you with less maintenance overall. The ends of your hair will be lightened with a freehand balayage technique, only adding to the areas you want to be brighter. Warm, golden caramel or toffee toners can be used after lightening to give you that natural sun kissed look.

Mini Eggs

Pastels are perfect for Easter and spring. To achieve this extra sweet look, the lighter your hair, the better!  The hair will have to be lifted to a very light level before being able to colour with your chosen pastel hue. This may take a couple of appointments but once you have the lighter base, you can then play around with different looks including beautiful purples and pinks!


White Chocolate

Going lighter this Spring? Opt for extra fine highlights in creamy blonde, butterscotch and vanilla tones. More highlights added around the hairline will make your blonde look extra bright, and don’t forget your silver shampoo to maintain your fresh new look!


Do you want to change up your colour this Spring? We are offering you £10 off your colour service when booked with stylist Mollie. To take up the offer, quote “CHOCOLATE10” when booking.

How to make your blowdry last!

Senior stylist Koralie gives us her top tips for getting the most out of your blowdry and how to make it last...


  • Shampoo your hair twice! When in the salon, we always wash your hair twice so we recommend to continue this at home. The first wash will remove any grease, dirt and product use. The second shampoo is your cleaning shampoo which will clean your scalp as well as your hair!
  • Don’t overdo your conditioner- Remember you only need a thumbnail amount on the mid-lengths and ends, and make sure you spend a bit longer rinsing it all out!
  • Use the cool button- Your hairdryer should have a cool button, once you’ve finished your blowdry give it a quick blast with cool air to seal off the cuticle and set it in place.
  • Buy a silk or satin pillowcase- Silky pillowcases help to prevent breakage and also stops rubbing whilst you sleep, preventing you to lose your style. Tying your hair up with an Invisibobble or scrunchie too helps and doesn’t cause indentations.
  • Dry shampoo before bed- this will absorb the oils during your sleep but also help give it some volume!
  • To create the much desired volume when your blow-drying make sure you use products to help give you some lift but remember they aren’t magic you will have to blowdry your roots too. The easiest way is to tip your head upside down, use the medium heat on your hair dryer and slowly lift the roots with your fingertips. Make sure your pulling as much as you giving the roots slight movement, this will keep them straighter as well as giving you lift. Keep pulling each section until your hair is 80% dry. You then need to just smooth off the rest of your hair.
  • Avoid touching! Try not to touch and play with your hair. Too much touching will cause frizz as well as stimulating the scalp causing grease and making your style flat.
  • Spritz!! Use hairspray to finish your style, even if its only a little bit to hold.


Hair Hacks - Stop Static

How do you stop static hair?


Static hair is a common problem when the air has become dry, which causes a negative form of electricity. The hair becomes positively charged and strands deflect each other causing your hair to become static and flyaway.

But not to worry, we have some top tips to help...

  • Tumble dryer sheets – gently run a sheet over your hair or use it on your hairbrush to smooth the hair. Keep a few in your handbag for when you are on the go!


  • Combs - Step away from plastic combs and use ones made from metal or wood. Wide tooth combs are also a great option as the spaced-out teeth reduce friction-induced static.


  • Hairspray – spray some on your hairbrush before gently brushing or spray all over and use the can to run down your hair.


  • When drying your hair, use a cotton t-shirt as it’s less abrasive & will absorb excess water without taking away most of the moisture like a towel would.


  • Moisturiser-If you are really stuck and have nothing else handy, you can use a tiny bit of moisturiser on the ends of your hair to diffuse the static hairs. But be careful, too much will cause your hair to become limp and greasy!


  • Prep- Finally, use a hydrating shampoo + conditioner especially ones free from parabens + silicones. At Velvet Rooms 4 Hair, we stock L’Oréal Pro Source Essentielle, Shu Uemura urban moisture, L’Oréal pro Mythic Oil or Label M lemongrass which are all great for adding moisture back into your hair!


Why we recommend professional hair care

Here at the Velvet Rooms, we are a 5-star salon, and we look after your hair with the best products on the market. We care about your hair, and we want it to be in the best condition possible, and to us, this means using the products we recommend for you.

We understand that once you’ve paid for your colour and cut the last thing you want to do is spend even more money on products that have similar alternatives available for a quarter of the price. But listen up! If you take our advice, you will save money in the long term!

Most supermarket bought shampoos and conditioners have sulphates in them which dry the hair out and fade the colour. The reason why shop bought products can feel super smooth after you have washed your hair, is because they contain plastics that coat your hair, but these will eventually leave it brittle, dry, and damaged.

Your stylist will know exactly what product to recommend to you. For example, if your hair is particularly damaged from over processing or colouring, a strengthening and repair product would be great. You need to keep in mind that it will contain protein, so it will not leave your hair silky smooth like cheaper products will. However, if you continue to use it, it will repair your hair and then once this product has done its job your stylist will move you onto another one suited for your hair type or desired colour.

The best part about salon-grade products, and this includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, and serums, is that the ingredients tend to be gentler with fewer fillers, sulphates, and build-ups which create wax and can damage your hair. You also need to use far less of the product as the ingredients have not been watered down and no nasty fillers have been added.

If you take your stylists advise, I can guarantee you will see a change in your hair. It may take a little time, but it will be healthier and will have fewer breakages, it’ll be shinier, and any colour you have in the salon will have a much better outcome on your hair.

We will always recommend three products for you after your service, and as a special gift, we offer you 10% off any purchase. Treat yourself to fabulous hair all year round; you deserve it!

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