Autumn/Winter Hair Transition


When the weather starts to change we need to change the way we look after our hair too.

In the UK we are all too familiar with the effects that dry and cold winter air conditions can have on our hair.

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Uninvited Visitors

*Warning this may make you itch!*

It's a new school year, and unfortunately for some it comes hand in hand with the dreaded case of headlice! We have some top tips for getting rid of these univited visitors...

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Lazy Hair Days

Feeling lazy or low on time? But don’t want people to know it?…we have you covered for some 5-10 minute hairstyles that are perfect of even the laziest of days.


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Freshen up your bob!

Whether you have had a bob for a while or you have recently opted for a shorter style, we have a few ways of making the classic bob feel a little less boring in super simple ways!


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